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Williams Family | San Tan Mountains Queen Creek

These babies were all SO photogenic and had me swooning from the moment they walked up. Mom and dad were not only so easy going but they were so much fun. They understood the assignment very well and let the kids have fun.

Bobbi was nervous about to wear for her family portrait session but I told her what I tell all my mamas, pick YOUR outfit first and foremost. Make sure that mama looks and feels good. Once that is assured, then you go and pick everyone else’s outfits/colors/details. We talked about using complimentary colors versus matching outfits. Always ask me for outfit advice, I love to give it and have so many suggestions. Always.

They just moved to Arizona and were really hoping for that desert look. We headed out to the Goldmine Trailhead at the San Tan Mountains in Queen Creek. If you haven’t been, check. it. out.

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